Tamberlaine - Fine hand crafted jewelry from Maine in gold, silver, and platinum
Tamberlaine Zeh Maine jewelry artist

Tamberlaine Zeh

Weaving gold and platinum is a reflection of the baskets my husband, Stephen, and I have woven for years. Each piece expresses my desire for beauty and function, and how it complements the character and style of the one who wears it.

Our jewelry work began when we made tiny buckles for our miniature baskets. We hand crafted them by forging small pieces of brass. We then learned that we could draw gold and silver into fine strands to weave into tiny baskets of gold.

The designs are influenced by the baskets and craftsmanship of years gone by. The radiating weave of a round basket bottom became the sunburst series of earrings and necklaces. The twelve and six strand weaves are reminiscent of the braided reins I made for my horses. The hand forged facets from hammer blows recall my grandfather's forge at his farm in Maine.

Every piece we create is hand fabricated.

The work begins with melting gold or platinum, pouring to form an ingot, then forging, rolling, and drawing it into fine wire. Intricate pieces are shaped and the edges bright cut to reflect light from within the piece. Fine, pliant strands of 22k gold or platinum are interwoven into a basket form. Forging 18k gold or platinum strengthens it as it is shaped into rims, backs and settings for gems.

Together, Stephen and I are the only ones who work on our baskets and jewelry. Each piece is made by hand - one at a time.

- Custom Orders -

Please call or email if you would like a special piece hand crafted for you. You may request your favorite metals eg. gold, platinum, or combinations, and your favorite gemstones.

It always gives me a thrill to see someone try on a special piece and see how it looks so good on them. And I enjoy hearing from a new owner of a hand crafted piece letting me know how much they love it.

My name - Tamberlaine

Tamberlaine is my real name. It is from an old Scottish name, Tamburlaine. My mother named me for one of my ancestors with the feminine form, Tamberlaine. Naturally, when I was a little girl my nickname became Tammy.

I live on my old family farm in the western mountains of Maine. For inspiration when making jewelry in my studio I enjoy flower gardening, hiking and skiing in the nearby mountains, bird watching, and gathering berries and mushrooms in the Maine woodlands. I especially enjoy trips to the coast of Maine.